Tom O’Connell

Tom O’Connell died on Tuesday, October 20 at the age of 90.  Tom was one of the original founders of WBA and was active until about 5 years ago.  He had been living on the assisted living floor at Bayview Manor for the last couple of years and was in their nursing unit for the last month after a hospitalization in September.  Although he had not been recognizing people for some time he remained remarkably physically capable and walked without benefit of a walker.  Tom was of the Idie variety which is to bird by ear while butterflying.  He loved to ramble through the meadow, butterfly net at the ready while calling out bird identifications with his great hearing.  I was lucky to spend many of those times with him – and Richard Lindstrom, of course.  Good memories to live on. – Richard Youel

For a nice biography, see this page on the Bellevue College website: Bellevue College

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