No field trips were held in 2020 or 2021. See below for trips that we would have liked to take.

April 18 or 25 – Reecer Canyon
April 20, 27, and May 4 – Butterfly Class
May 2 – Rocky Ford
May 16 – Winthrop area
June 4 – Hoodsport
June 6 – Douglas Canyon and Jamison Canyon/Lake
June 13 – Antoine Peak Conversation Area
June 13 – Coffee Pot Lake and Twin Lakes
June 20 – Hog Lake and Folsom Farm
July 10-12 – WBA Butterfly Study Weekend
July 18 – French Cabin Creek – Salmon La Sac
July 18 – Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge
July 25 – Bear Creek Mountain
August 21 – Crystal Mountain

Flash Field Trips!

Check our website and Facebook page for last-minute additions. We will also send out Noticeline emails for Flash Field Trips.

CANCELLED – Early Reecer Canyon, April 18, rain date April 25

Melanie Weiss  

We will look for early eclosures and species that overwinter as adults: Mourning Cloak, Hoary Comma, Green Comma, California Tortoiseshell, Sheridan’s Hairstreak, Brown Elfin, Moss’s Elfin.  We may not be able to go very far up Reecer Canyon due to snow. So we will enjoy what the day brings.

Difficulty Level 1-2

Sign up with Melanie:

CANCELLED – Butterfly Class, April 20, 27th, and May 4th  Tentative dates for 3 part class

John Baumann 

This class will be at Corbin Art Center, not the community college this year.

Concluding Field Trip will be on Saturday, May 16th, at Rutter Canyon, Little Spokane Natural Area.  There will be no formal fee for the class, but we are asking $25 donation to WBA for each person who attends.

Sign up with John: 

CANCELLED – Rocky Ford, May 2

David James

Rocky Ford, a BLM area near Ritzville on the edge of The Palouse is proving to be a magical place for butterflies!  John Baumann discovered a new colony of silver-bordered fritillaries here just a few years ago but the site is also home to many other species including the not-often-seen Garita skipperling.  This year we want to explore Rocky Ford’s butterflies in a slightly earlier time-frame to see what selection of early-mid spring butterflies it boasts.  On behalf of the BLM we are developing a list of butterflies which will help inform future land and habitat conservation measures at this site. Come help us with this list! 

Difficulty Level 2

Sign up with David James:

CANCELLED – Winthrop area, mid May, May 16

Cheryl Bellin

See spring fliers in the shrub steppe of the eastern North Cascades. Possible species include:  Hoary Elfin, alpines, greenies, skippers, duskywings. This will be a shared trip with the Methow At Home organization. 

Difficulty Level 2

Sign up with Cheryl:    

CANCELLED – Hoodsport Area, June 4, note that these are on Thursdays

David Droppers, Melanie Weiss

We will visit several favorite sites of two WBA members living in the area.  In addition, we will search for the Johnson’s Hairstreak and the Cedar Hairstreak in an area where they are known to fly.   

Difficulty Level 2

Sign up with David:

CANCELLED – Douglas Canyon and Jamison Canyon/Lake, June 6

Sue Orlowski

Please meet at 9:30am at Jamison Canyon on Route 2 which is about 8-10 miles west of Bank’s Lake on the north side of the road.  There is a sign on the corner where the road intersects with Route 2. We will tour the area along the road into the lake and camping area, then leave and go west again on Route 2 heading to Douglas Canyon.  The target species for Douglas Canyon is the Indra Swallowtail. If you live in Spokane and want to carpool, meet at the Safeway store on Mission and Hamilton at 7:00am.

Difficulty Level 1-2

Please email Sue: or call 509-202-5168 by June 2nd.  Hopefully it won’t be raining that day.  Last year it had to be cancelled due to rain.

CANCELLED – Antoine Peak Conservation Area, June 13

John Baumann

4-5 mile gently sloped trail, trail includes good hilltopping spots and a large, south-facing meadow with wildflowers!   

Difficulty Level 4 

Sign up with John:

CANCELLED – Coffee Pot Lake and Twin Lakes, June 13

Sue Orlowski

Both of these lakes have a variety of butterflies so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Difficulty Level 2

If interested in going on this field trip please contact me either by email at or call me at 509/ 202-5168 by July 7. 

CANCELLED – Hog Lake and Folsom Farm, June 20

Sue Orlowski

Please meet at 9 AM at the Fish Lake exit on I 90. If you live in Spokane and want to carpool meet at the Safeway on Mission and Hamilton at 8 AM. Target specie is the Sheridan Green Haistreak.

Difficulty Level 2

Please let me know by email at or call me at 509/ 202-5168 if you are interested in going on this field trip by June 16th

CANCELLED – WBA Butterfly Weekend, July 10 to 12, with an optional day on July 13

Blue Mountains of Washington

Information and registration will be posted on the WBA website

Cancelled – French Cabin Creek – July 18 (Salmon la Sac area)

Al Wagar

This fairly close-in trip is ideal for families, with level meadows & 100 miles from Seattle (north about 20 miles from exit 80 on I-90).  Meet at Greenlake/Ravenna P&R @ 7:30am or Issaquah P&R @ 8:00am  

Difficulty Level 1

Sign up with Al:   

Cancelled – Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge, July 18

Jim Reed

Target species is the Viceroy and whatever else we can find.  We will meet at the Toppenish Wildlife Overlook Kiosk on Hwy 97 (the same place we met last year for those that were with me) at 11:00 am. 

Difficulty Level 2

Sign up with Jim:   

Cancelled – Bear Creek Mountain, July 25

David James, Melanie Weiss

The 3-4 mile hike from the Bear Creek Mountain trailhead at 6000 feet, boasts one of the most diverse and populous butterfly faunas in the Cascades.  The hike is mostly on level ground and is an easy stroll through flowery meadows.  Blues, whites, checkerspots and fritillaries abound along with both species of parnassians.  One of the best-kept secrets of the Cascades! 

Difficulty Level 3

Sign up with David James:

Cancelled – Crystal Mountain, August 21, note this is a Friday

Regina Johnson, Melanie Weiss

We will take the gondola up to the top of the ridge and butterfly in the alpine meadows along a trail with stunning views and late season fliers and flowers.  Gondola fees will be part of this trip, although you may choose to hike down rather than ride down.

Difficulty Level 3

Sign up with Regina: