Vanessa cardui – Painted Lady sighted in West Seattle by Stewart Wechsler

Reported on NorWest Leps discussion group:

At 1:40 pm at ~58 degrees F and calm, here in West Seattle (flying along a
residential street) I finally had my first slow and CONFIRMED Vanessa 
cardui – Painted Lady, still flying north, but skipping, hopping and
zig-zagging a bit, stopping at least once to show me its white, dorsal
forewing leading edge white triangle getting it to species with relative
confidence. (How do others describe that white triangle?) The rest of my
countless sightings of possible V. cardui, were rapid fly-bys, mostly
headed straight north (one going south), with a few of their sister Vanessa
atalanta – Red Admiral / Admirables stopping to be identified to species
and a few, at best, educated guesses to V. cardui. A few Polygonia satyrus
– Satyr Anglewings wandering away from their preferred wooded edges and
openings were added to the mix for confusion.

-Stewart Wechsler
206 932-7225

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