Viceroys – Jim Reed

On July 17 on my way up to the Bethel Ridge Field Trip,  I stopped for an afternoon of hot sun and hopeful butterfly watching.  I had just came down off of Satus Pass and near the Toppenish Wildlife Refuge.  I went 3 miles west along Pumphouse Road to the Old Goldendale Road.  
As I walked along the public road between fence lines (TWR and Tribal Land) I watched amongst the roadside willows and after a bit I saw my first Viceroy in the last 15 years.  A 2 hour butterfly watching experience rewarded me with 20-25 individual Viceroys, a gazillion Cabbage Whites and a lone Monarch.    There were scattered milkweed and willows in the ditches.    Kind of fun afternoon.       (PS: Bethel Ridge was fun too….)  Jim Reed,  Klickitat
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