WBA Requesting Photos and Locations of Butterfly Sightings

Hello Butterfly Enthusiasts, 

John Baumann wrote the following:

“WBA members have important contributions to make!  Jon Pelham and others continue to develop sophisticated state maps to show the various locations where every species of Washington butterfly has been found, and we know that in many cases, you are the ones making new discoveries or confirming important sites of area butterflies that need updating.  Please send relatively clear photos of any species you might want to include, and complete the fields in the attached spreadsheet to the best of your ability, and the data will be entered into our new maps!”

See the attached spreadsheet with the example of the Sheridan’s Green Hairstreak that John Baumann found this last spring, and it should guide you how to submit this information to John Baumann @ baumann.jp56@gmail.com.

We are excited to see you photos, so send them in if possible!  Happy Butterflying!!!

Sincerely, Mary Schu 

Sample of spread sheet with info to collect for your sightings:

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