2015 Conference News: We Need Items for the Silent Auction


WBA’s 2015 Annual Conference will feature a Silent Auction on Saturday evening.  Last year we raised several hundred dollars for WBA, and we had a lot of fun.

WBA needs your help to repeat last year’s success.  The first thing you can do is donate new items to be auctioned. Do you know a craft or skill that you could use to make something or to offer your services?  Last year popular items were handmade scarves, artwork, a personalized butterfly field trip, and other wonderful things.  Do you have a vacation home that you could offer for a weekend? 

Businesses are often willing to make a modest donation for the goodwill and tax deduction.  I asked a business last year, and it was easier than you’d think—a modest donation is a routine thing for many businesses.  If you want to ask a business for a donation, they may want a donation request form for tax purposes—you can download a form here.

Let me know what you plan to donate before June 19 if possible, then bring your item to the conference.  If you can’t make it to the conference, we’ll make other arrangements.

Remember—the most important thing you can do for the auction is bring your cash (or checks) to the conference and bid!

Here is a request form for the auction.

Maureen maureentraxler@yahoo.com

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