“Calling all WBA members!  You probably are well acquainted with a youthful naturalist who might consider joining us at our conference in Oregon this summer but can’t afford it?  Or someone whose skills in the life sciences deserve some non-academic recognition?  Perhaps a young nephew or niece who you wish would join you there in he Wallowas?  Any young person between 10-17 years old might qualify if they share some interest in butterflies! It is time now to get these kids to write and submit the application form and materials for our first annual Idie Ulsh Young Naturalist Scholarship to attend the conference in the Wallowa Mountains, August 5-7.  Remember, our scholarship funds attendance not only for the scholarship recipient but also for a parent or other responsible adult who will accompany them, including registration, room, board and transportation costs.  Let’s go see ‘Wings Over the Wallowas’!   Sign ’em up!” – – John Baumann

Youth Scholarships

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