Until further notice all Washington Butterfly Association meetings will be held online using Zoom. They will require pre-registration. See the meeting description below for a link to the invite.

After registering you will receive an email confirmation containing information about joining the meeting. A reminder will be sent to you on the day of the meeting usually a couple hours before it starts.

Most meetings will be recorded so that others can view at a more convenient time.

Wednesday May 1 at 6 pm – Washington Butterfly Conservation Updates with Julie Combs, Ross Winton, and Regina Johnson

“Washington Butterfly Conservation Updates and Observational Reporting Methods”

Summary: This talk is a collaborative presentation by Julie Combs and Ross Winton of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and our own WBA Treasurer and G’num editor Regina Johnson.  

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Jule and Ross are the leads for WDFW butterfly projects and they will share highlights of ongoing projects for some of Washington State’s butterfly Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN).  They will discuss current work in the field and lab to understand distribution, abundance, genetics, and threat factors impacting our declining butterflies. They will also discuss the importance of reporting at-risk butterfly species using WDFW’s user-friendly reporting App https://wdfw.wa.gov/species-habitats/at-risk and walk through the user friendly Survey123 online form. 

Regina will spend 15-20 minutes re-introducing WBA members to the iNaturalist WA State Butterflies Project page (https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/washington-state-butterflies) and walk through how to report all butterflies – common to rare – using this community science reporting application aimed at documenting distributional patterns and the ecology of butterflies in Washington State.

Wednesday, April 3 at 6 pm – Defenses of Butterflies and Moths: not the wimps they appear to be

“Defenses of Butterflies and Moths: not the wimps they appear to be”
Presenter: Dr. James Adams

A video recording of this meeting is available at:

Dr. Adams will give our April presentation. He will highlight the range of remarkable and surprising strategies of leps to deceive and deter predators.

Wednesday – February 7 at 6 pm – David James – The Lives of Butterflies

“The Lives of Butterflies: A Natural History of our Planet’s Butterfly Life”

A video recording of this meeting is available at:

Dr. David James is a co-author of the newly published book ‘The Lives of Butterflies: A Natural History of our Planet’s Butterfly Life.’ 

David will present an inside look at what lies beneath the covers of this lavishly illustrated book. He will also provide some of the backstory and what went into creating this book on the biology, ecology and behavior of our favorite insects.

Wednesday – December 6 at 6 pm – The Vanessa Migration Project

A video recording of this meeting is available at:

When we consider migrating butterflies, we here in North America always think of the monarch, but Dr. Royce Bitzer will give a presentation highlighting those other migrant butterflies:  the Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta, and the Painted Lady, Vanessa cardui. 

Dr. Bitzer has been leading a citizen science project, The Vanessa Migration Project, which collects data on the location of Vanessa species in North America.  He will share some insights on his findings from data collected over the past 10+ years.

Wednesday – November 1 at 6 pm – Bob Pyle

“From Monks Wood to Hollywood: Fifty Years in Insect Conservation.” This presentation was originally given to the Royal Entomological Society (RES), of which Bob is an honorary Fellow. Bob received the RES Award for Insect Conservation in 2022 and they asked him to discuss the work that led to this award.

A video recording of the RES speech is available at:

Wednesday – October 4 at 6 pm – “A review of three species-level taxa of the Anthocharis sara complex (Sara orange-tip)”
By Todd Stout

A video recording of this presentation is available at:

Also if you would like to see Todd’s paper, here is the link to it
Todd Stout and young assistantTodd Stout and young assistant

Abstract: A combination of five characters supports the taxonomic arrangement of three species in the Anthocharis sara complex consisting of Anthocharis sara (Sara orange-tip), Anthocharis thoosa (southwestern orange-tip), and Anthocharis julia (Julia orange-tip). These five characters include adult phenotypes, fifth instar larval coloration, pupal cone curvature and color, number of pupal overwintering cycles, and interspecific contact zone behavior. This taxonomic treatment is generated from extensive life history studies from 11 western U.S. states through most of the sara complex distribution.

Wednesday – September 6 at 6 pm – Photo Night

Our WBA September meeting will be Photo Night – Best, Faves, and Unknowns.  

A video recording of this meeting is available at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Bring 5-6 of your photos from this past field season to share.  
We’re working to have an expert on hand in case you don’t know what you’ve photographed.  
You can use the Share Screen button on Zoom to share the photos you’ve queued up, or else send them to Paulette and Liz in advance and we’ll have them ready for you.

Wednesday – May 3 at 6 pm – “How iNaturalist is Revolutionizing Butterfly Watching” by Neil Bjorklund

A video recording of this meeting is available at:

Wednesday – April 5 at 6 pm – “Western Monarchs: A Holistic View of Recent History, Ecology, Resilience and Adaptation to a Changing Climate” with David James.

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