Sign Ups

Sign up for field trips with the trip leader/trip contact.

Cancelling Your Sign Up

If you need to cancel, please remember to contact the trip coordinator as soon as you can so the group does not wait for you at the park ride. 

Field Trip Collecting Policy

Because non-consumptive appreciation of butterflies is central to our purpose, collecting is not permitted on our field trips or at our conferences.  The only exception is when a voucher specimen is needed and its taking is approved by a majority of the board members present.  Limited collecting of eggs, larvae and pupae for rearing is accepted on condition that individuals raised to adult stage are released to a suitable habitat where the species already occurs.

Field Trip Difficulty Ratings

1 Easy, mostly by car, minor walking along roads.

2 Fairly limited walking, some slopes involved.

3 Moderate, 3-4 miles walking with some slopes.

4 Difficult, hiking required off road, may have short steep sections, total of 4 miles or so. For experienced hikers.

5 Strenuous, extended hiking on trails with steep terrain, 4-8 miles. For experienced hikers.


Passengers are expected to share gasoline expenses. Typically this is $15-20 each. Each rider should also pay a share of any park entry fees, ferry fares, etc.

The trip leader will collect a voluntary donation of $5 per person (children under 12 are free) for each field trip to help offset expenses of the organization.

When and Where to Meet

Trips depart from the north half of the Ravenna Park & Ride at 7:00 a.m. unless expressly stated otherwise. The park & ride is located under I-5 at Ravenna Blvd between NE 50th & NE 65th St.

On request we also stop at the Issaquah Park & Ride at 7:30 a.m. To reach the Issaquah Park & Ride: going eastbound on I-90 take Exit 15 (1st Issaquah exit). At exit stoplight turn right (south) and drive 0.45 mile to Newport Way intersection (traffic light). Turn left (east) on Newport Way and drive 0.1 mile to another light, and turn right (south) into the Park & Ride.

If you live in another part of the state, contact the trip leader to arrange where to meet the field trip group.

Please tend to personal matters such as getting coffee or lunch food before departure time so others are not delayed.

Bring your own beverages, snacks and lunch for a day in the field.

All field trips are conducted by carpool. Without the volunteer participation of drivers, the trips are not possible. If you have a car that you are willing to drive, please have the gas tank full and ready to go.


All WBA-sponsored field trips are fully insured.

Weather and Scheduling

Weather is always a major factor for planning butterfly trips in Washington, particularly March through June. The key to dealing with weather is flexibility; our leaders reserve the right to make last-minute itinerary changes in order to provide you with the best possible butterfly experience. On occasion it may be necessary to cancel or postpone an outing if the weather does not permit a viable alternative. The flow of the season is also important, and it may be necessary to adjust some trips to earlier or later dates to best match the seasonal weather patterns. WBA will make every effort to keep you informed of any changes.