Our fingers are crossed for a grand 2022 field trip season.  WBA will continue to monitor and adapt to COVID-19 levels and guidelines for our state.  Trip leaders will notify participants if any changes should occur.

Because non-consumptive appreciation of butterflies is central to our purpose, collecting is not permitted on our field trips or at our conferences.  The only exception is when a voucher specimen is needed and its taking is approved by a majority of the board members present.  Limited collecting of eggs, larvae and pupae for rearing is accepted on condition that individuals raised to adult stage are released to a suitable habitat where the species already occurs.

Washington Butterfly Association schedules field trips in April thru August weather and butterflies permitting.


Field Trip Liability Release and Indemnity Agreement

Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk for a Minor Child Not Accompanied by his or her Guardian

NOTE: No child under the age of 18 who is not accompanied by a parent or guardian will be allowed on any field trip without a liability release signed by the parent or guardian as well as by the adult accepting responsibility for the child on the trip.


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Before signing up for a Field Trip, please read our FAQ.

May 21 Saturday – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Area
adjacent to Snow Mountain Ranch near Yakima

Trip Leader – David James
Level 2

Lots of spring species including Hoffmann’s and Sagebrush Checkerspots side by side.  It is quite a spectacular place for shrub steppe, with a good flower show at this time.  The area is fairly flat, but the surface may be rocky in some placed.  We will walk about 1.5 to 2 miles in and return.

Sign up with David James:  david_james@wsu.edu   

May 26 Thursday or May 31 Tuesday – Boulder Creek

Trip Leader – Cheryl Bellin
Level 2

Boulder Creek, between May 26-31.  Will plan for May 26 or May 31 to be back-to-back with David D’s trip below. The specific date will be communicated to those that register based on season timing, weather.  

Explore several roadside areas on the way to Freezeout Ridge.  Target species is the Freija Fritillary which resides in Washington state only in this northern region of Okanogan County.  Blues, elfins, skippers and duskywings are also likely.  Maybe we can spook up a Halfmoon Hairstreak on our way back through the shrub steppe.  All wheel drive and higher clearance would be helpful.

Sign up with Cheryl:  bellinca@gmail.com    Limited to 10 participants

May 25 Wednesday – North Cascades Visitor Center / Newhalem Campground in Whatcom County

Photographers only trip

Trip Leader – David Droppers
Level 2

Note: this trip will take place on a week day due to large crowds in our parks on weekends.

We will will have an opportunity to search new areas for populations of the elusive Johnson’s Hairstreak. 

Sign up with David:  lycaenid@gmail.com    Limited to 10 participants

Last week of May to first week of June – Klickitat River

Trip Leader – Jim Reed
Level 1-2

Come see the newest and perhaps rarest butterfly in Washington.  A small colony of Satyrium auretorum is located along the Klickitat River in South Central Washington.  The nearest neighbor colonies are from the very Southern border of Oregon. Gold-hunter’s Hairstreak field trip(s) will be held during the last week of May into the first week of June.  It is a very small area so we will limit ourselves to groups of 6 or less. People need to make appointments so we can spread out the trips over a week.  There often are a good variety of Swallowtails, Admirals and blues along the trail. People who would like to be guided into where the isolated colony can be found should contact:

Jim Reed (cell:  541 490 4211  or email:  jrrstud @gmail.com)   
Limited to 6 participants per trip with multiple trips over several days

June 4 Saturday – Rutter Canyon

Trip Leader – Sue Orlowski
Level 2-3

Discover Pass needed
Rutter Canyon is in North Spokane along the Little Spokane River.  We will explore several areas including a trail leading to the river and a ½ mile trail leading to the trailhead for Rutter Canyon. The canyon is about 3 miles in length where you will find good diversity and abundance of butterflies.  We will not do the entire length of the canyon.  Those that wish may do so.    

Sign up with Sue:  sueosp1@msn.com  or call at 509/ 202-5168. 
Please sign up by May 28. Group size limited to 8. 

June 5 Sunday – Carl’s Home and Dishman Hills Conservancy

Trip Leader – Carl Barrentine
Level 0 at Carl’s home
Level 2-4 at Dishman Hills

Mothing and Butterflies, what could be better! 

**Note to westsiders, Sue (Rutter Canyon) and Carl will have back to back adventures, making it worth the cross-state drive!

Two activities:  A morning mothing adventure at my home as I process the evening’s catch of moths daily…after a few cups of morning cofffee. In an hour’s time curious diurnal lep folks can get a hands-on tutorial, i.e., Mothing 101, while sipping coffee and munching stale donuts. After that, once the temperatures have warmed a little so that the butterflies are active, we will look for  local diurnal leps at the Steven’s Creek Trail, Dishman Hills Conservancy, 10 minutes away.  For those who wish to trek all the way up the trail to the Rocks of Sharon, which is a distance of a mile (with 6-12 percent grades), the difficulty level goes up considerably (perhaps a level 2-4).  We need not make that 2-mile round trip trek to look for local swallowtails and elfins if the meadow area is productive.  That said, most folks DO want to trek to the top for the splendid views as well as hilltop swallowtail behavior.    Limited to 12 participants.

Sign up with Carl for this 8:30am ‘mothing morning’:  CDBarrentine@outlook.com
Limited to 12 participants.

June 11 Saturday – Hog Lake and Folsom Farm

Hog Lake and Folsom Farm, June 11

Trip Leader – Sue Orlowski
Level 2

Discover Pass needed.
The rolling hills are loaded with buckwheat, so this is a productive site for butterflies. Target specie is the Sheridan Green Haistreak. Please meet at 9 AM at the Fish Lake exit on I 90. If you live in Spokane and want to carpool, meet at the Safeway on Mission and Hamilton at 8 AM.

Sign up with Sue: email at  sueosp1@msn.com or call at 509/ 202-5168
Please sign up by June 6.  Group size limited to 8.    

June 25 Saturday – Satus Pass Lower Area plus Simcoe Butte

Trip Leader – David James
Level 1

For the past 2 years at this time I have seen ~30 species including the Nevada Skipper.

Sign up with David James:  david_james@wsu.edu

July 9 Saturday – French Cabin Creek / Salmon la Sac Area

Trip Leader – Melanie Weiss
Level 1

I’ve been visiting this fairly close-in site for several years. Ideal for all abilities, with level meadows & about 100 miles from Seattle.  Possible species include:  Indra Swallowtail, Great Spangled Fritillary, Thicket Hairstreak, Western Tailed Blue, Duskywing, fritillaries, Clearwing Moth.

Sign up with Melanie:  melanierweiss@gmail.com  
Limited to 10 participants

July 15 Friday – July 17 Sunday – WBA Butterfly Weekend
Blue Mountains of Washington

WBA Butterfly Weekend, July 15-17, with an optional day on July 18 Monday

Information and registration will be posted on the WBA website

July 18 Monday – Tri-Cities “Delta” Area

Trip Leader – Jim Reed
Level 2

A perfect stop for those heading west after our Butterfly Weekend The delta area is where the Yakima and Columbia Rivers meet.  Possible species may include:  Viceroy and River Jewel damselflies, among others.

Sign up with Jim: jrrstud@gmail.com   

July 30 Saturday – July 31 Sunday – Slate Peak

Trip Leader – Jim Reed
Level 3

This beautiful high elevation site is truly stunning to behold with its profusion of flowers, spectacular views and, of course, butterflies.  The road up to the peak leaves from Mazama, but beware that this road is narrow and harrowing in sections – it’s one of only two roads rated as “Valium Prescribed” in Washington Wild Roads, a higher score than “White Knuckles”.  This is an even year, so we may see the rare Melissa Arctic or Astarte Fritillary, both biennial species.  But there are plenty of good reasons to go up any year. 

Sign up with Jim: jrrstud@gmail.com   

August 26 Friday – Crystal Mountain

Trip Leaders – Regina Johnson, Melanie Weiss
Level 3

Note this is a Friday due to weekend crowds. We will take the gondola up to the top of the ridge and butterfly in the alpine meadows along a trail with stunning views and late season fliers and flowers.  Gondola fees will be part of this trip, although you may choose to hike down rather than ride down. 

Sign up with Regina: reg@madronas.net   Participants limited to 12.

Flash Field Trips

Possible “Flash” field trips may occur during the season.