The Washington Butterfly Association (WBA) was founded in 1999.

As we put WBA together, we felt that there were 6 components that would produce a successful organization:

  1. It must be friendly and all-inclusive
  2. It must inspire people to appreciate, respect and enjoy butterflies, moths, and the native plants that support these insects.
  3. It must include a free educational component so that all may learn.
  4. It must make kids feel welcome. They are our future.
  5. It must be environmentally friendly.
  6. It must be fun!
    – (Idie Ulsh, G’num April-June 2001)

The founding members of WBA were:  Idie Ulsh, Jon Pelham, Bob Pyle, David Branch, Dave Nunnallee, Jo Nunnallee, Richard Lindstrom, Tom O’Connell and Richard Youel.