3/6 at 6 pm – “Raising Butterflies” by Todd Stout

A recording of Todd Stout’s Raising Butterflies presentation is available on the WBA YouTube Channel

Todd Stout and young assistant
Todd Stout and young assistant

Last autumn Todd gave us a marvelous presentation on his detective work to unravel the species-level taxa of the Anthocharis sara complex (Sara orange-tip).

He has agreed to give another presentation on raising butterflies that will cover how to obtain early stages and how to take care of them. The first part, how to obtain them, is broken down into broad parts which is finding them in nature vs. collecting a female(s) in nature with a net and setting them up to lay eggs.

The second part will cover:

– Hatching eggs

– Caterpillar setups

– Larva to pupa

– Handling pupae

– Overwintering techniques

– Emerging butterflies

– Avoiding diapause

– Post hibernation strategies

– Disease prevention