Butterflies of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area by Caitlin LaBar

Caitlin LaBar, a semi-professional Lepidopterist in Washington and an expert on the butterflies of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area north of Omak, has created a quick-reference field guide to the 123 butterfly species recorded in Okanogan County.  This 20-page guide contains numerous photos, keys to difficult species groups, and a checklist of Sinlahekin butterfly species.  For those of you attending the conference, this will be an ideal resource to have on hand.  For anyone who butterflies in the area, it is a great resource.  See the attached flier for ordering information and thumbnail photos.

In addition, Caitlin is working on a larger guide (“Butterflies of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area with summaries of other Okanogan County species”) that will contain range maps, photos of specimens, live adults, some immatures, and habitat for all 87 Sinlahekin butterflies, as well as full species descriptions and tips on identification for them and the remaining 36 Okanogan County butterflies.  This extensive guide will be self-published and is estimated to be finished sometime next year.  She is willing to deduct the price of the short field guide (minus the $7 printing/shipping cost if applicable) from the larger book if ordered within six months from when the book is made available.  Caitlin will keep a record of the people who purchase the short guide and will notify them when the larger book is available and the pricing has been determined.

Caitlin OCFG-AdFlyer

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