3/1 at 6 pm – David Droppers – Blues Identification

Speaker update:
Pelham’s computer went ker-plooie! So David is here to refresh our skills in identifying blue butterflies in Washington State. They’re beautiful, they’re diverse, they’re everywhere, and they’re fascinating! Don’t get distracted by those big, showy swallowtails! Beauty also comes in 1-inch wide wingspans!

Video of this meeting is available at:


Echo Azure at Reecer
Echo Azure at Reecer

Spring is almost here! The buds are growing, the willows are blooming, and our resident birds are singing spring songs! Butterflies are beginning to fly in our dreams. Trips are beginning to be planned. We’re excited! But before we get too excited – let’s dust off our field guides and polish up on some ID skills – what better way to spend the long wind-up that is March?

David Droppers has been teaching courses on topics from birds to butterflies to trees to microorganisms for a variety of groups, including college biology courses and non-profit environmental groups. He has put his expertise to work for the many educational and public groups, and many of you may recall the presentation that he and Phyllis Reed gave us in December about how David has helped the US Forest Service with his work in the North Cascades. We are so happy to have David back to share his enthusiasm for the natural world, and especially for some of the tiniest butterflies.