4/21 at 6 pm – Food Plant Guilds with Jonathan Pelham

Great news!

We have a WBA meeting coming up, so mark your calendars!

Date: Wednesday, April 21st 

Time: 6pm-7:30pm

Where: Via Zoom – please register for this event by clicking here:  

Food Plant Guilds for our Butterflies – Presented by Jon Pelham

The plants that support the life history of two or more butterfly species, the network of living communities they belong to and some consideration of how this came/comes to be. Bio – Jon Pelham has studied butterflies since he was twelve.  He met Robert Michael Pyle in 1967 and he managed to get around Jon’s owly parts. They are colleagues and friends; he is ever grateful that Bob is willing to stand in the klieg lights of public, uh, adoration. Together they have watched their community grow into something not imagined, or hindered, by them. It was/is impossible to educate Jon – he’d rather do it himself, thank you very much! He became a LTL and PUD ‘city’ truck driver instead (less than a load, pick up and delivery). He is a Teamster for life. It supported his family and his habit and keeps him alive presently! Despite himself, the UW Burke Museum found his skills useful and, in 1972, he volunteered to study butterflies under their watch. Yes, he need(ed) watching. Jon has 5 kids, one of which he spawned, all of which he loves dearly. They spent a lot of time in the field with him. 

Jon has authored some papers but the most important thing he has accomplished is:
A catalogue of the butterflies of the United States and Canada: with a complete bibliography of the descriptive and systematic literature.  A ‘butterfly book’ with well over 600 pages and nary an image of a butterfly! That’s how he rolls! He keep it updated: A catalogue of the butterflies of the United States and Canada http://www.butterfliesofamerica.com/US-Can-Cat.htm

Bob Pyle and Jon Pelham 2008

Just a few things about zoom and the upcoming meeting:

1) Participants will be muted upon entering the meeting so please keep yourselves muted during the meeting unless you are talking just to keep outside noise levels down

2) Please register in advance for this meeting you can do this by clicking the link below or the same link at the top of the email: 

After registering you will receive an email confirmation containing information about joining the meeting.

WBA hopes to see you all there!!!



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