10/5 at 6 pm – John Acorn “The Ways in which Butterflies Fly”

A video of this meeting is available at:  https://youtu.be/g65_v5w4dhY

Description: Butterflies don’t just flutter, and birds don’t merely flap. They also hover, glide, soar, burst, stoop, and perform a remarkable suite of additional flight styles, all in accordance with their sizes, shapes, and situations. Join me for an explanation of bird and butterfly flight that will focus on the different “modes” that these animals use while in the air. I promise to go easy on the physics, and also to give you some tips that might enhance your wildlife viewing experience, and encourage you to make more use of that slow-motion setting on your camera or smartphone.

Bio: John Acorn is a biologist and naturalist, and he teaches at the University of Alberta. John has been a lifelong resident of Edmonton, and he is best known for his television series Acorn, The Nature Nut, and as the author of some twenty books on natural history subjects.