List of butterflies seen at our 2018 butterfly weekend at White Salmon

More than 50 WBA members and friends had a very successful sunny and hot weekend with butterflies during July 14-16 at White Salmon, WA and nearby areas along the Columbia Gorge.  We visited two meadows at around 3000 ft near the Great Lava Bed as well as meadows near Takhlakh lake in the shadow of Mt Adams. We also crossed the river and visited flowery meadows and other butterfly spots in the Mt Hood Nordic area.

Butterflies were plentiful! We saw 34 species on Saturday and on Sunday and 23 species on Monday giving a grand total of 48 species for the long weekend! Most abundant species was the California Tortoiseshell currently migrating through the Cascades. We found a new breeding colony of Mardon Skippers, a threatened species and another highlight was sighting of an American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) at Mt Hood. The full list of species is below.

David James and Jim Reed

Swallowtails (3)
Clodius Parnassian (Parnassius clodius)
Western Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio rutulus)
Pale Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio eurymedon)

Whites (2)
Cabbage White (Pieris rapae)
Margined White (Pieris marginalis)

Sulphurs (3)
Clouded Sulphur (Colias philodice)
Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme)
Western Sulphur (Colias occidentalis)

Coppers (3)
Purplish Copper (Lycaena helloides)
Lilac-bordered Copper (Lycaena nivalis)
Mariposa Copper (Lycaena mariposa)

Hairstreaks (2)
Thicket Hairstreak (Callophrys spinetorum)
Sylvan Hairstreak (Satryrium sylvinus)

Elfins (1)
Brown Elfin (Callophrys augustinus)

Blues (6)
Western tailed Blue (Cupido amyntula)
Silvery Blue (Glaucopsyche lygdamus)
Boisduval’s Blue (Plebejus icarioides)
Anna’s Blue (Plebejus anna)
Greenish Blue (Plebejus saepiolus)
Acmon Blue (Icaricia acmon)

Fritillaries (6)
Western Meadow Fritillary (Boloria epithore)
Great Spangled Fritillary (Speyeria cybele)
Coronis Fritillary (Speyeria coronis)
Zerene Fritillary (Speyeria zerene)
Hydaspe Fritillary (Speyeria hydaspe)
Mormon Fritillary (Speyeria mormonia)

Crescents (2)
Mylitta Crescent (Phycioides mylitta)
Field Crescent (Phyciodes pulchellus)

Checkerspots (3)
Hoffman’s Checkerspot (Chlosyne hoffmani)
Snowberry Checkerspot (Euphydryas colon)
Ediths Checkerspot (Euphydryas editha)

True Brushfoots (7)
Green Comma (Polygonia faunus)
Hoary Comma (Polygonia gracilis)
California Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis californica)
Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa)
Milberts Tortoiseshell (Aglais milberti)
American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)
Lorquins Admiral (Limenitis lorquini)

Satyrids (3)
Ochre Ringlet (Coenonympha tullia)
Common Wood Nymph (Pegala cercyonis)
Great Arctic (Oeneis nevadensis)

Duskywings (1)
Persius Duskywing (Erynnis persius)

Skippers (6)
Two-banded Checkered Skipper (Pyrgus ruralis)
Sonora Skipper (Polites sonora)
Mardon Skipper (Polites mardon)
Dun Skipper (Euphyes vestris)
Woodland Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanoides)
Roadside Skipper (Amblyscirtes vialis)


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