11/4 – Seattle Meeting – 7 pm Dr. Sean Ryan “How genetics and citizen science can help us understand insect ecology and evolution in a changing world”

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Dr. Sean Ryan will discuss the Pieris Project, a Citizen Science project that tells the story of how Pieris rapae, the common Cabbage White Butterfly, spread from its home in eastern Europe throughout the rest of the world, and how humans aided that spread. Dr. Ryan and his colleagues use historical data and genetic data collected by citizen scientists, to document how this invasive agricultural pest has traveled along human trade routes to invade western Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America. This work is important to understanding the mechanics of invasion biology and potentially to better management of negative impacts from invasive species.


Dr. Ryan will discuss his research exploring the silver lining of anthropogenic disturbances. It features stories of invasion, conspiring with Russians, the potential breakdown of borders, and the recruitment of a worldwide network of citizens united to monitor one of Hitler’s former allies. Starring Papilio glaucusPapilio canadensis, and Pieris rapae.

Come for the intrigue, stay for the science.

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