Tour of Monarch Overwintering Sites November 2023

WBA Royal Tour of Monarch Overwintering Sites, November 18-22 2023

Hosted by David James

If you have never seen tens of thousands of monarch butterflies huddled together in a few
Eucalyptus trees in California, this might be the November butterfly excursion for you!
This will be a tour of 15-20 monarch overwintering sites over a 4- or 5-day period. Starting in
Pismo Beach you will drive yourself, following the leader visiting a number of sites each day.
The tour will start on Saturday November 18 in Pismo beach and head north up the coast,
visiting sites at Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz. We will overnight in
Pismo Beach (3 nights), and Pacific Grove or Santa Cruz (2 nights). There may be an additional
night (Novato) if there are Monarch colonies this year at Bolinas. You will be responsible for
finding your own accommodation for each night at each location.

Monarch overwintering colonies this year are expected to be almost as large as last winter’s
populations which were the highest since 2000. Populations should range from 500 to 20,000
per site.

There will be a limit of ten cars in our ‘royal tour caravan’, so if you are interested or have
questions, please email me at